Queen “I can’t live a fake life; I’m delighted to be an indomie seller; my job is my pride,” the lovely lady says as she displays her noodle cooking company to the delight of her fans.

Queen, a woman who goes by the moniker “Queen,” continues to get praise from social media users for keeping her head held high in the face of adversity.

The proud lady rushed to Twitter to reveal that she is a small business owner who makes a living by serving customers noodles and eggs.

This was powerfully depicted in a photo she posted to her tweet, which showed her working environment with her dressed in an apron.

Queen captioned her photo;
”My job my pride”

The tweet, which has gone viral on social media and gained a lot of attention, elicited warm responses from people who not only congratulated her but also asked for her location so that they could be her customers and promote her business.

Some of the reactions have been collected by Tontrends;

@McJohnwick congratulated her, saying, “Ooin, you’re doing fantastic…” You’d be an inspiration to those who are reluctant to flaunt their hard work, as well as a lesson to others who are living a lie.

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