Queen Of All Brownies!!! Ini Edo Is All Shades Of Yummy Goodness In This Black Fit

Nollywood star Ini Edo is serving us a good dose of fabulous fashion on a Wednesday and we are head over heels in love with it. The TV star took to her Instagram page to bless fans with stunning snaps of herself in a black piece and she looked absolutely alluring in it.

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The style star stunned in a lovely black jumpsuit with a mesh that gave off a sexy vibe for the look. The jumpsuit hugged her in the right places flaunting her enviable curve and she paired it with silver strappy heels. She went for a loose wave weave and kept her makeup clean and flawless showing off her rich melanin skin that we absolutely love. Ini captioned the snaps: #blackgirlmagic#brownskingurl#Brownsugar goodness 🍦

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Without a doubt, the screen goddess is one of the best-dressed celebrities in the entertainment industry constantly serving us fabulous looks that we love on the big screen and the red carpet.

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Photo Credit: Instagram