Queeneth Hilbert,a Nollywood actress,responds to an online beggar who came to her page to beg for food “Have Some Respect For Yourself”.

The internet is full of all types of people: fans, coworkers/classmates, trolls, and, of course, online beggars.

Desperation might lead to people seeking assistance from people or places they would not typically approach. Scammers, on the other hand, have made the comment sections of Nollywood celebrities their second home, and they will not stop until they have extorted money from the innocent

A specific Instagrammer with the handle “godsgift 218” recently pleaded for food in the comments area of a post shared by Queeneth Hilbert.

Unfortunately for the individual, that method of begging is already well-established on Instagram, and those that follow it are almost always scammers.

So it’s no surprise that the popular Nollywood actress replied, according to Lifestyle News.

Take a look at how it went down.

godsgift_218: “Anyone who can please help me with little foodstuffs within ibadan I can come meet you at new garage 👏 Thank you 🙏🏿”.

Queeneth Hilbert: “@godsgift_218 you can’t come to my page and be doing this have some respect for yourself 😏🙄”.