Hey guys we have another kids natural hairstyle and it’s these cute fluffy afro puffs that we did for her wirthday photoshoot! It’s a fun little hairstyle that is fast and …


  1. Gugu this style is very nice I like it I would put it in my bady girl hair because all the style you do I really love them I learn a lot from you. Don't look and pay any attention to negative people negative people will always be negative and don't know how to be better wonderful video

  2. FYI: I love the hairstyle as is I don’t think it needs any improvements! We went to church and out to eat and MULTIPLE people came up to us (me, hubby and mother-in-law) to complement her hair and some shook our hand! Not that I need validation from ANYBODY about what I do on my child’s hair but it just goes to show that it’s some people who will appreciate stuff as is and some who will think things need “improvement” I’m cool with both but realize that when u do it on YOUR KID then u can tweak stuff any which way you want but I personally LOVE IT AS IS! Thank you! Now, if this is a hairstyle anyone else will recreate with “improvements”, well send me a pic and let me see what y’all did different and let me see if I like it better that way too maybe? But in the mean time. I liked it as is and we’ll DEFINITELY revisit this soon since it gives us short hair puff vibes which we haven’t seen in years lol! A difference in opinion is ALWAYS welcomed but rudeness, NOT SO MUCH!
    Have a nice day! 😃😁


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