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Rapper Vector Reacts To TV Presenter, Ahmed Isah Physically Assaulting An Interviewee

The video of Ahmed Isah a presenter at Brekete Radio slapping a lady multiple times who was seated granting an interview has sparked widespread outrage among Nigerians and Vector has waded into the conversation.

Taking to his Twitter page, Vector stated that some people deserve to be slapped in order to be corrected and receive sense, however, he admitted that it was not a pleasant thing the man had done.


See his post below;

See what some Nigerians said about this;


@ofuekere1 wrote;

Words!!!! That lady needs more than just mending!!!!! How could you hurt such an innocent soul?😢 like how!??????

@komohphilsinc wrote;


Pummeling someone while sitting gallantly in front of Human Right logo is the biggest paradox I’ve seen this year😫. Finally they have gotten Ordinary Ahmed.


Don’t take laws into your hands . In developed countries , she will be charged for what ever crime she committed and u will be charged for assaults . Leave sentiments aside



She did wrong yes but that’s not the right way to go bout it. That’s the job of the police and should be done professionally . Don’t do that sir. You’re only but a tv presenter.


The man just couldn’t help it. But the reason why we’re better than animals is the ability to hold ourselves when we’re raging

@seundreams wrote;


If we say he can hit her, then others can and if others can, others keeps going like that & it does not end…yes anyone can get angry but channel that anger to ensure justice is served not hit her in an unprofessional way, we ain’t animals📌

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