Re: Delta Zoning Debacle: Comrade Sanco Ese Is A Political Neophyte – Delta 2023 Ijaw Governorship Advocacy Group

Comrade ESE Sanco Governor Okowa SSA

Re: Delta Zoning Debacle: Comrade Sanco Ese Is A Political Neophyte – Delta 2023 Ijaw Governorship Advocacy Group 

I read with utmost dismay the puerile effort by the Delta 2023 Ijaw Governorship Advocacy group to destroy my image and cast aspersions on my character. it is sad, satanic and utterly regrettable.

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My name is Ese Sanco, a lot of people misconstrue my quest for equity as an act of extremism, it is not true, I am not and can never be a rebel or a tribalist. Neither am I an ethnic bigot or a hater of my fellow brothers from Ijaw nation or Delta South senatorial district, I believe in the unity of my people but that unity can only be based on one premise: the equality of every tribe and ethnic nationality, no matter how big, small or weak they might be.

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Those that tamper with that premise and enthrone their tribe, constituency and ethnic nationality above others are the real enemies of our unity and not me.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have responded to your group post about me but for the unsuspecting public who might be misled by your baseless hallucination.



Your infantile accusation that is a stomach infrastructure politician is not only misdirected but is also laughable. since it is your tradition to attack individuals instead of Issues let me lift the veil so we can access those behind, the Delta 2023 Ijaw Governorship Advocacy group.

Your names are Mr Jackson Agbor, Mr Austin Okporu Mr Awipi Lawson, within the Ijaw nation you guys are known stomach infrastructure politicians. Aside hustling with the above-mentioned group you guys are also the brain behind the Otuaro Apologist and Ijaw youth leaders of thought.

I am not good at attacking individuals but issues. I will rather describe you guys with the comment of one of your tribesman and I Quote. “Please Comrade Ese Sanco don’t mind these guys, All they do is to beg politicians after writing hogwash as press release and without looking at the consequences those naive politicians will give them money for the misleading information they peddled”. what other thing do I have to say about your character disposition.

we are also aware of how the group Ijaw Progressive Youth Leaders, one of the platforms you use to cajole your victims once kicked against the IMC NDDC at one instance and supported same at another instance due to acute hunger and stomach infrastructure.


It is worthy to note that you guys are also the brain behind Otuaro Apologists and Sen James Manager 2023 Political movement. What a contradiction? How else can we describe Politics of stomach infrastructure?

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As Politicians, I guess by now you may have known the position of the People’s Democratic Party as far as zoning is a concern. Am sure at the appropriate time every other tribe will respect the decision of the Party apart from very few over-ambitious Ijaw people.


In your skewed Imagination, you overestimated your contributions as Ijaw ethnic nationality to the success of PDP in Delta state more than the Urhobo nation. this is not only misleading it is a lie from the pit of hell. let me use the 2020 election you so much talked about as a case study. Below are the figures of results from core Ijaw and Urhobo ethnic nationalities
Bomadi APC – 4,437
PDP – 63,851
Burutu LGA
APC – 3,645
PDP – 49,722,
APC – 3,288
PDP – 19,68
Total Ijaw Votes = 133 233

Ethiope East
APC – 21,141
PDP – 11,489, Ethiope West
APC – 6,211,PDP – 62,044, Okpe
APC – 9,424
PDP – 20,415, Sapele
APC – 10,457
PDP – 18,572, Ughelli South
APC – 20,233
PDP – 32,086, Udu
APC – 8,605
PDP – 9,042, Uvwie APC – 10,467
PDP – 15,455
Ughelli North , APC
20,081, PDP
Total 198.046


Available record in INEC shows that Urhobo gave your brother President Goodluck Jonathan more than 800,000 votes during the last presidential election.
Aside from the fact that these figures represent over 60% of the total votes in Delta state, it is far higher than the 504.811 votes he received from Bayelsa his home state.

Your group is leading the Ijaw nation through a very dangerous pact and it must be resisted by all men of goodwill.

I do not know where this sickness of mind and malevolent and self-destructive disposition is derived from but I suspect that it is a deep-seated case of Pride, self-loathing and a touch of what psychiatrists describe as the “schizophrenia syndrome”

The Ijaw nation is very close allies and we will not watch a greedy few jeopardise our likely support for them in their future Governorship ambition when it comes to the turn of Delta south. I believe that the Governorship will move next to Delta south and as we all know the contest will be between Isoko and Ijaw.

If God still rules over the affairs of men then Justice must prevail.


.Meanwhile, I shall continue to live my life in peace and truth, I shall not be intimidated by the boastful threats of the oppressors and I will continue to live my life in the usual objective law-abiding manner that I have always done.

I thank all Deltans


My name is
Sanco Ese
God’s pen of intervention


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