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Read: How People Manage To Stay Friends With Their Ex



People have different opinions on how to deal with ex-partners but most of those opinions always fall under two broad categories – to be friends with an ex or to not be friends with them.

Those who believe in staying friends with exes often claim that it is the mature thing to do.

They say as adults, partners should be able to part ways amicably so as not to ruin future dealings that might later bring together.

Most times, it is not always easy to leave someone in your good books after they break your heart but somehow these 5 couples pulled it off.

They narrate below [with changed names] how they managed to do so:

1. We had a year to heal

“We didn’t speak for about a year or so and had a few heart to hearts afterwards that really cleared things up.

You have to reach a point where you don’t see them in a s*xual or romantic way anymore, and that’s not always an easy thing to do.” – Moji

2. It was a mutual decision

“The decision to stay friends was mutual because we valued each other and appreciated being in each other’s lives. But that’s not to say it was easy.

I clearly had residual feelings, which took a while to go away, and left some jealously whenever we’d discuss other hook-ups or anyone we’d been dating.” – Tolani

3. We started as friends

“We were friends first. After we broke up we stayed friends. No real discussion about it. We just don’t work as a couple, but she is one of my best friends.” – Phillip

4. We had a long distance between us

“My ex and I decided to remain friends.

He was moving out of state, and we knew maintaining a long distance relationship wasn’t possible for us.

We did need a break from each other to heal, as letting go of the possibility of a future with each other was difficult. After talking, we decided that wanted to maintain a friendship.” – Ify

5. Our love for arts helped us

“We were friends for years before we were together.

We had art in common so we got closer again . consulting each other on our projects

You have to give it about a year of distance, but after that, you can reestablish contact on the common ground of your old friendship and things you had in common.” – Rolake

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