To show off: Most men like to show of what they were blessed with. They know a lady likes seeing a big one so they will always send their D to ladies just to show them what they have in their p.ants.

To get nμdε pics in return: They know a lady will be turned on and in return will also send a pic of theirs too. men really like looking at these kinds of pics and can spend the whole day or night just staring at these pics and even asking for more to come.

To show I just want s’εx: This is just another way to tell a lady they want s’εx with them. Because in real sense why should a guy allow himself exchange nμdε photos of him if he does not want something in return?

It’s a turn on for me: The moment they just hold the camera or phone, the guy will be turnεd 0n already, standing up and actually when the pic is taken the D is always up and ready to fire.


It’s a turn 0n for womεn: Women on the other hand will also be turnεd 0n when they see a D. It can even make them be w’εt after a while or instantly.

Because I’m bored: When a guy is bored, d!rty thoughts strikes his brain and he will start a conversation with a lady which will lead to them exchanging the nμdε pics.

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