For a woman, her man is the most important person in life. Although women are independent and secure in their own shell, they still feel the need to have a man by their side.

In a woman’s eyes, a man is considered to be a ‘Hercules’ because of his strength, powerful because of his words and egotistic because of his beastly tendencies. And with all these qualities, a woman still adores the man in her life!

On the other hand, every woman wants to be pampered, cared for and treated with that extra dose of ‘love’ medicine. A woman wants to feel special and wanted, and her man is the only one who has all these abilities to provide for her in every little way possible. This is one of the reasons why women can’t seem to live without a man in their lives. Likewise, there are many more reasons why men complete a woman’s life.

Here are a few reasons why women can’t live without a man. Women, should take a look at this article. Do let us know if life is possible for you to live without your man.

Women Need Men To Get Pregnant: We women can adopt or have the In Vitro Fertilization procedure. But, guess what, these still involve the presence of a man. Women need men for impregnation to bear off-springs and leave a legacy behind.

Women Need Men To Provide Security: Men are our eyes and ears when we look at the world. Women need a man to protect them from all harms and dangers lurking in every corner.

Women Need Men For Pleasure: The reason why women need a man is for pleasure. The joy of a man’s kiss on a woman’s lips and the feel of his body against hers will provide much more pleasure than a vibrator.

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Women Need Men To Carry Their Bags: Truth be told, some women need a man to carry their bags. And, men love to hold this honour.

Women Need Men To Complete Their Life: A man completes a woman’s life. He is the sole purpose of her heart beat. Having a man to love and to hold for life, is every woman’s dream come true.


Women Need Men For Emotional Stability: Women are extremely emotional, and due to this weakness, women make decisions which are driven by their emotions which often lead to bad decisions. Therefore, a woman needs a man to make certain decisions for her, as men and emotions are poles apart.

Women Need Men For Companionship: A woman will have a ton of girlfriends, but no one will replace the warmth and love a man can give. Women love the attention they receive from a man and this companionship is worth a million bucks.

Women Need Men For Guidance: Where women are weak, men will be strong. This is one of the main reasons why women need a man in their lives. Men provide women with guidance in certain areas of their lives, i.e. spiritual, financial, emotional and physical.

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