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Reasons Why Women Lie In Relationships



1. She wants to test you. She may tell you a lie to see how you will react as she is unsure of your intentions. She might tell you that she is pregnant to see what you are made of, or she might tell you she has money to see if you’re only interested in her purse.

2. She is trying to save herself by hiding her past. She has just started to date you and doesn’t trust you as yet, so she might not be willing to share personal details of her life with you, out of fear that you will judge her or use it against her.

3. She wants to feed your ego. She does this to spare your feelings. You are her man and she loves you but doesn’t want to come right out and say, “Baby, you are not pleasing me sεxμally”, so she might find other ways of saying it without saying it.

4. She doesn’t want you to worry. She doesn’t want you stressing over things that she thinks she is capable of handling on her own. So she might not tell you that her boss is putting the moves on her, knowing that you might fly off the handle and she might lose her job.

5. She wants to impress you. She wants to be your ideal woman so she lies to give the impression that she is your dream girl, Miss Perfect. Just like a man trying to impress a woman, she also feels that she might not be good enough to get you on her own.

6. She is manipulative and wants to have the upper hand. She has lied her way into being the captain of your thoughts and feelings and steers them in whatever direction she wants them to go by justified reasoning and her ability to embellish the truth so she can have you wrapped around her finger.

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