1. She Doesn’t Have A Good Record

Ladies, are you aware that guys make research before wooing you? Ooooh yes !!! They might ask quite a few numbers of people who know you well but may not be in talking terms with you. When he gets a negative report like, that babe sure gan oooooo, na so she dey park men up and down.. My dear, to be frank, if he doesn’t have church mind, he will also want to mark register cheesy

2. She’s Deceitful

Who likes to mingle with a deceitful lady ?

A lady who deceives a guy with padded bra and pant will definitely bite her fingers at the end of the day. If he later gets to know that your bosoms and buttocks are as flat as 2B exercise book, never blame him if he dumps your a ss aftermath of love making 

3. She Lied About Being A Virgin

Guys hate when ladies lie about being vi rgins. If you lie about being a virgin and he later gets to know that you are as wide as Lagos-Ibadan expressway after two years of celibacy. He will definitely zoom off at Usain Bolt pace

4. She Turned Him Into A Maga

My research and finding have shown that when a guy pays your bill out of his kind gesture and he realizes you go about telling people that he’s a maga. He will treat you like a money (use of banaba) and waves goodbye the moment he gets under your skirt

5. She Acts Like A Peacock

Guys love ladies who give them tough time but your shakara must be done with moderation or else, your excess pride, shakara and yanga will make him dump your ass after the deed. He might just like, upon all my stress and dis girl yeye shakara, no be she I bleep so Upon say she make everything hard as LASU Post UME exam cheesy 



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