Men complain that women take them for granted. Well, to decide if there is any truth in this allegation, let us discuss about this topic.Frankly speaking, not all men are alike and not all women are alike. This says that not all women take men for granted.

But yes, some women do. Such women generally take the man in love for a ride, dominate him, or try to burn his money for shopping, show attitude, ill-treat him and so on. Well, villains do exist among both men and women.

And on the other side, there are some women who would ill-treat or insult a man when he is genuinely in love with her. When a man is seriously thinking about her and if she takes his feelings easily, a sensitive man will surely get hurt.

Some women also tend to think that men can only lust but not love. Read on to know more…

They Seem To Think Men Are Supposed To Crave For Women: Though not all women, some women behave as if the duty of a man is to crave for women. In reality, only when a man is either in love or in lust, he craves for a woman.

They Think Men Will Do Anything For Love: Yes, a man will go to any extent and do anything for his love, but if he realises that he is being taken for granted, he will not waste even a single minute doing irrelevant things.

They Think Men Want Only The Physical Side: Yes men crave for physical pleasures but it doesn’t mean that they live only for that. Also, that craving is predominantly seen during a desperate phase that all men undergo during their lives.

They Think Its A Man’s Duty To Chase All The Time: A chase would be entertaining only in the initial phase of a relationship. After that, any man would get bored and may give up soon.

They Think Men Can Wait For Eternity: When a woman neither says yes or no and keeps a man waiting, he may give up and move on. Only during a particular phase, men can wait a bit longer. But when patience levels wane, no man can wait.

They Think All Men Are Alike: Have you come across women who speak as if all men are rapists, loafers, cheats and losers? Well, not all men are alike. Putting aside the reason why men cheat, it is a fact that there are good men, great men, loyal men, gentlemen and of course, the most sensitive and romantic men too. Try your luck!

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