Edikaikong is a vegetable soup by the Efik people of Akwa Ibom and Cross River states.

Preparation time is within 40-60 minutes.

• 2 bunches of Pumpkin leaves (Ugu)
• 1 bunch of Water leaf
• Assorted meat
• Stockfish Head
• Periwinkle (shelled or unshelled) optional
• 4 cooking spoons of Palm oil
• Onga Classic
• Ground crayfish (2-3 spoons)
• Black pepper or Rodo(scotch bonnet)

• Wash the assorted meat and stock fish.
• Season the assorted meat with onions, salt, Onga classic and cover to boil for 20 minutes.
• After 20 minutes add the stockfish head to the boiling meat and cook for another 20 minutes or till there is little or no stock left in the meat.
• Wash the ugu leaves and water leaves with salt and place in a sieve to drain out water
• Once the water in the boiling beef is almost dried out add the pepper, periwinkle, palm oil and water leaves, stir contents together and cook for a few minutes.
• Then add the pumpkin leaves (ugu) and cook for 4-7 minutes.
• Check for seasoning and salt, there might not be a need for seasoning again because of the stock.
• Do not add water, stir often so the vegetables do not burn.

Serve with Eba, pounded yam, fufu or any swallow of your choice.


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