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Red Is The Perfect Colour To Step Up Your Style Game This Holiday

The red colour is cool, feminine, vibrant and always on-trend which is why it’s the perfect colour to jazz up your personal style.

It’s no secret that fashion is ever-evolving and trends do the most work in influencing our style choices over a certain period. Being hip and trendy is cool and all but it takes a lot of work – from style updates to splurging and let’s not even get into decluttering our wardrobes. It is really a full-time job! If you are really not into trends, having a go-to colour might just do the trick. This is where the red colour comes in and saves the day!

Looking to step up your style game this festive period? We’ve got surefire tips/inspirations:

‘Tis The Season
Red Colour

(Photo: Instagram / S4de_u)

It is absolutely true that red is a classic colour and truly there’s just something delightful about red outfits in December. Even better, there’s no limit to how far you can take it. From your nails to your accessories and outfits, you can go all out however you want!

Red Colour

(Photo: Instagram / Simplycyn)


Red is a bold colour that jazzes up any outfit and even fab? It complements every skin tone. You probably don’t pay attention but just add a good amount of the tone to your outfit when next you are stepping out, you’ll see what we mean!

Red Colour

(Photo: Instagram / Ada_oguntodu)

Boss Lady Vibe

Who says work has to be excluded from the red goodness? All you have to do is to create a striking contrast with neutrals and show them who the boss is. This creates a fine balance and makes your formal approach even more distinct. Cool options or nah?

Red Colour

(Photo: Instagram / Mariipvzz)

Classic Feminine Colour
Red Colour

(Photo: Instagram / Jadorefashion)

No colour screams feminine more than red. It is super sensual and flirty which is why it will be the perfect colour to wear on a date. Throw on a red dress with a sexy silhouette and show up looking like a full course meal.

Red Colour

(Photo: Instagram / Tostos)

All-round chic
Red Colour

(Photo: Instagram / Linda_mtoba)

Like we earlier mentioned, there’s no limit to how far you can go with red. You can go bold with monochrome red outfits or grip hearts with a sexy bold lip. From fashion to beauty, the colour is always a winner. Are you convinced yet?

Red Colour

(Photo: Instagram / Jadorefashion)

If you need more inspiration, you should check out Jadore Fashion and Sade Akinosho‘s feed! For more style updates, check out statement outerwear options that can amp up any outfit here.

Featured image via Jadorefashion, Linda_mtoba & Simpycyn

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