What is the real meaning of se-duction? Is it a bad thing or people go overboard when they hear the word?

 A creative dance instructor  and branding expert, Chen Lizra says that seduction should be part of our everyday life in a thought-provoking TED Talk.

Lizra explains that everyone has the power of seduction in them, it just needs to be unleashed. The skill of seduction should be taught to everyone from a very young age so they can be more successful adults when they grow.

“There are many misconceptions of se-duction by people because the word has been se.xualised a lot of times that nobody imagines it as a positive skill set. Se.duction isn’t a bad thing, it’s what you choose to do with it that makes it bad,” she says.

“Seduction is about charm, connection, vulnerability, pride, self-confidence and appeal”, Lizra explains.



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