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Respect Qatar—Granit Xhaka Fires Over Rainbow Movements

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The rest of Europe may want to go political with the rainbow movements with reactions and protests against host nation Qatar, Granit Xhaka admits his country would rather focus on the primary object that brought them to the country in the first place—Football.

For the Arsenal midfielder, he sees whatever protests against Qatar from his team as unnecessary considering there are laid down rules by the host nation that needed to be obeyed for the sake of the sport.

Reacting to Germany’s protests, Granit Xhaka, the captain of Switzerland, maintains that his squad will not engage in any type of protest against FIFA over the decision to forbid OneLove from wearing a captain’s armband in Qatar.

Switzerland, according to the Arsenal midfielder, will prioritize the reason they are in Qatar and adhere to the regulations.

According to Xhaka, he and his colleagues are not in Qatar to “teach anyone a lesson.”

FIFA’s strict position on forbidding players from donning OneLove armbands has drawn criticism from some nations and support from others.

Respect Qatar—Granit Xhaka Fires Over Rainbow Movements In Qatar

The Germans mounted an on-field protest against the choice just before their game against Japan on Wednesday by concealing their mouths in the group shot.

The in form Arsenal midfielder responded when questioned about Germany’s protest during Switzerland’s post-match press conference:

“I don’t think we need to do anything as the Swiss team. We need to respect the rules and concentrate on our football, that’s all I intend to do.

“We’re here to play football and not hand out lessons to anyone.”

Qatar world cup has seen the tournament shift farther from football to take on the shape of a cold war wherein the media has taken on a propagandist angle to protest against the Qatari rules such as its stance as the LGBTQ movement along with some other restrictions the western world sees as strange.

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