woman at the gym drinking water while doing cardio exercise

Water is one of the major things we need to live and be healthy. The lack of water can quickly kill you, but if you constantly stay dehydrated you can ruin your health, too. So, find out how much of the liquid you should consume daily based on your weight to be well.


Our bodies utilize water and lose it through urine or sweat. That why we have to drink up constantly to stay alive. The lack of water in the body leads to grave consequences. One of them is getting your blood too thick.


How much water you should drink daily depends on two things. One of them is your weight and the other one is the climate you live in. If it is hot, you lose more water with sweat and need to replenish its supplies more often.

This table will help you to know how much is to drink based on the weight of your body:



Ladies, save it and use it, because having not enough of this resource may lead to the infections in kidneys and in your private parts. Your vagina may itch or you may feel pain when urinating. If you do not get enough water, the bacteria inside the kidneys do not get flushed out timely and you get infection there. It’s so important to know the right amount to stay well hydrated.


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