I know how frustrating it is to wake up one morning and your favorite Powder, Bronzer or blush are all shattered. Let’s face it, Its very hard to keep your makeup products in fresh from the store forever, And any beauty freak will tell you. It can look like the end of the world when you want to do your makeup and your eyeshadow or bronzer mistakingly falls to the ground, Sometimes it might be out of our own carelessness but the truth is it is bound to happen.


You don’t have to be stressed or have the thought of a ruined day if this happens to you when you are getting set for that night date with friends , I know you might have wished it’s your phone that fell on that solid surface. Before you throw that product away, Take a step back and assess the damage. Can the makeup be saved? Yes you can revive your makeup products with this few step below.

  1. Gather all the broken product in the pan.
  2. Smash the broken product with your finger into a loosed powder consistency.
  3. Add few drops of alcohol until the powder is saturated with liquid.
  4. Mix and flatten with a clean kitchen knife.
  5. Place a paper towel over it and press excess alcohol out while flattening the surface.
  6. Clean up edges and shape the product to your desired shape.
  7. Place it under a lamp to dry overnight and your product will be as good as new.

cc: MakeupbyJChang

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