When picking your pool accessories, pick the ones that doesn’t make you too self conscious when you are amidst your friends or when you are walking around. You need to take into account that you will be getting in and out of water, so it is necessary that your accessories are water proof or water resistant. Despite the fact that you will get into water, you can still look fashionable and nice with the right necklace, bracelet and earrings. Don’t wear expensive ones though because you are at the risk of losing it in the pool.

Whether you are going for a shot of festive sandals, a tropical cover-up or scarfs, or even a printed towel draped over your shoulders, bright colours are great for accessories you want to wear to the pool. Don’t forget to add your sun hat, sunglasses. After all that get a perfect bag to carry all your stuffs.

Beach Tube to keep you float especially when you cant swim



Cover-up just in case you don’t like exposing your bod



Jewelries to keep you looking fashionable even as you party



Colourful beach bag to help keep your essentials and necessities



A colourful beach towel to dry up after a dip in the water



Sunglasses to protect your eyes after the high sun


I’m sure the next pool party you get invited to, you’re going to be the one with the coolest pool accessories, without a doubt. cheers!