RMD Shares 12 Fake . Accounts Impersonating Him
RMD Shares 12 Fake . Accounts Impersonating Him

The veteran actor and grandfather shared this screenshot on his Instagram page below and wrote;

“I am aware that a lot of fraudsters have . accounts set up with my name and image(s) and pretend to be me. I have on several occasions publicly stated that I Am Not On .! I had an account I stopped operating in 2010. Please unfriend these fraudsters and help me bring down these fake profiles and accounts.

I only have a Twitter account @rmofedamijo and this IG account. The @rmdtheactor accounts on Twitter and IG are run by my Management and they are NOT on .. Kindly tell everyone I said so #RMDSaysSo #RMDIsNOTonFacebook #ReportTheFraudsters


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