The weather has been cold for some days now thanks to the rain. We however aren’t complaining because the cold can actually be enjoyable if you have the appropriate clothing on. I mean, better cold than heat right?

If you are bothered on how to protect yourself through the cold and still manage to look fashionable, we have just the right tips for you to rock those sweaters and cardigans.

Ditch your suit jacket for a sweater: Wearing a shirt under a sweater always works like magic. This look is not only fashionable, it also protects you perfectly from the cold. Whether it’s a corporate environment of casual one, you’re covered!


Wear a sleeveless sweater under your jacket: This works a lot for guys. You can wear a sleeveless sweater on top of your work shirt and still wear a jacket if you want to. Note however that you might get hot in this out of your air-conditioned office. The good news is that you can ditch the jacket if this happens.

sweater 1

Invest in turtle neck sweaters: Believe me when I say you can’t go wrong in this. It can be worn with corporate pants, skirts, denim, flared skirts and much more. What better time to look stylish in turtle necks than this rainy season?

turtle neck

Always have one at work: If you really do not feel like wearing sweaters all the time, you can always leave one permanently in your workplace to throw on when you get cold. Remember to take it take it home for laundry often.

Ponchos and Mufflers are never out of style: Another stylish way to protect yourself from the cold is using mufflers or ponchos. Mufflers are stylish for both men and women while ponchos are a must-have for every woman. You should invest in one or more.




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