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Ultimate Love Reality TV show winner, Onyekachi B. Ucheagwu “Kachi”, in a recent interview with ace journalist Chude Jidenwo where has revealed that his co-winner and partner from the TV show Rosie aborted their pregnancy and lied about it to him. Kachi and Rosie Of Ultimate Love

Kachi further revealed other things that happened in the relationship and why he had to come out to clear his name of all the allegations made against him and his person.

Recall some weeks back we reported that a particular lady on Twitter identified as @Joyce had called out Kachi for abandoning Rosie and for being responsible for her loss of pregnancy in a car accident and how lazy, uncaring and worse of all was cheating on Rosie with his Ex. Kachi in the interview revealed that all of this isn’t true and that he just broke up with Rosie just a couple of weeks before the recording date of his interview with Chude.

According to Kachi, the 35-year-old mother of two intentionally terminated the pregnancy despite his pleas and disapproval.

The Reality TV star further said that Rosie’s reason for using some drugs to terminate the pregnancy was because she did not want to ruin her career and also did not want to have her third child outside wedlock.

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At the tail end of the interview, the reality TV star also criticised the organisers of the Ultimate Love show of not following up on the relationship and for putting pressure on the contestants with the short time giving to the couple to get married so that the show could sponsor the marriage.

Watch the interview below;

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