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Rotimi Salami, an actor,responds to a troll who made a derogatory statement about his wife

Rotimi Salami, a Nigerian actor and filmmaker, has responded to a follower who made a nasty remark about his wife.

The actor, who was born in Lagos, took to social media to upload a video with his wife, announcing that they will be launching a YouTube channel shortly.

The fan reacted by saying that she expected the star to be married to a physically stunning and s3ductive [email protected], but instead his wife appears to be elderly.


“This is your wife,” says the narrator. But, seriously, I was expecting her to be very gorgeous and cute. The troll wrote, “This woman seems ancient oo #no hard feelings tho.”

Rotimi and his wife have been married for nearly six years and have two gorgeous children, a boy and a girl.

Surprisingly, the actor spoke to the lady in a nice manner before blocking her.


He penned,

“Smart ladies I know will not make such comment about fellow women… you did crossed the line. By the way, what is your definition of s3xy and cute? If the answer is YOU after checking your pictures, taaar! no hard feelings. You don’t fit. Finally, If you are not smart enough to know it’s different strokes for different folks, just pray you find a man who will love 100% and earn you a happy home.



My home is already blessed. Pray towards yours.
Mind you. I am blocking you now. IRE”


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