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>’s How To Know She Wants To Have Sex With You



It can be a very daunting task to know exactly if she wants to have s*x with you. Some ladies are the supreme overlord of sending mixed signals. One time, you think she wants to get down with you, the next minute you’re not even sure that you likes your gut. Some women are complicated like that, and some are also straight forward. They just come unto you and orchestrate things that will lead to shagland. So brazen and delightful!

We all know these questions can’t get asked like we do other questions like, how’s your day going? Or Have you seen the lastest episode of Homeland? You can’t just spring up that and be like, hey, do you wanna have s*x? That level of directness might likely lead to a backhand slap or getting her wet, depending on much of a degenerate she is.

It can be quite embarrassing for you to be the only one deluded enough to think she wants to have s*x meanwhile she doesn’t.

“The best thing you can do is ask. So talk! Talk about gender roles, s*xual messages that you both received, and ask questions,” relationship expert Dr. Lexx Brown-James, LMFT says. “Don’t pressure her, don’t coerce, complain, whine or act like she owes you something because you’ve spent time, money and effort in getting to know her. When she is ready for s*xual ., she will engage in s*xual ..”

Because of these complicated scenarios, we have compiled a list of ways or more like signs you’ll show you to let you know, s*x maybe on the horizon depending on how you . your game. According to Lindsay Tigar, AskMen.

1. She will give you the approval

It’s not like a signed document per say but it’s the necessary consent before it goes down. Women really dislike men who are forceful or very pushy. Dr. Brown James says that being pushy or eager are some of the biggest turn offs for women.

“She should give you permission every step of the way about what she wants, likes and is pleasurable to her and how she is open to inviting you into that s*xual space with her,” says licensed marriage and family therapist Marissa Nelson, LMFT, CST. “It’s the guy’s job to have an ongoing conversation about intimacy, and to let her know that it is OK to move at her pace, and as long as there’s no pressure and she comes to that decision on her own, the s*xual experience is a mutual one that you both can create and enjoy together.”

Manipulating someone into having s*x with you is still s*x, but doesn’t nearly feel good as when the person is also on board with it as much as you’re. If she wants it as much you want it, even you will have your mind blown.

2. She’ll want to know about your movements

It may seem like she’s trying to get all up in your business, but if you can endure that line of questioning, then you’ll be able to realize that it is leading somewhere great. After s*x, women mostly just want to remain there unclad, cuddling and having warm reminisce of the s*x, post climax beauty which is why she wants to know what your schedule is like. Women are more strategic in these things, trying to figure out how free your time is. Either you’re free to the time-being or busy after the deed.

“When a woman is thinking about being intimate with a guy, she might start to ask questions about your schedule and your average routine to see what things would look like if you guys spent the night together,” Nelson says. “She will also want to know about privacy, and may wonder how many roommates you live with to see if she can get you alone and all to herself.”

3. She will try to get closer

If s*x will happen, she has to let her guards down, and maybe become flirtier with you. The closeness will start to build up. She will also become more open about s*x discussion around you, and ask you about your feelings towards the subject.

 “She may start dropping s*xual cues when you’re together . increasing physical affection, or want to create opportunities for closeness . inviting you over to watch a movie and staying in, even asking for cuddles or a sensual message. You know she feels comfortable with you because she increasingly allows you to touch her body and let you into her personal space,” Nelson says.

4. Sexting begins

Sexting is talking/sending sexually explicit messages and photos via messaging. If you’re exchange sext, it may probably mean she is ready to take the next step. It is a very interesting game for those involved, it helps build suspense and interest in each other. Sexting is no doubt a next level stuff for relationships heading towards s*x.

“Perhaps she might start talking to you about what her s*xual preferences are, and conversation can lead to er*tic talk and sexting,” she says. This is perhaps the best way for her to know what you like in bed, don’t take it as joke.

5. She wants to know about your past

Like we said earlier, women are more strategic in these sort of affairs. Like the . step of sexting, where you all are describing things you want to do to each other. This is the stage where she wants to know about your s*x life. Some ladies do not like the idea of s*x with condoms, so as much as possible she wants to know where you’ve been. It is essential for her even if it’s just s*x or a relationship. Your s*xual history is important to her.

Nelson says she’ll begin questioning you like ‘Are you seeing someone else right now?’ Or ‘How many dates have you been on in the last week?’ To ascertain how sexually active and responsible you’re “She could also let you know that before you have s*x, you both have to get tested,” she says. “Your honesty paired with her understanding your overall safe s*x practices gives her confidence and trust in you as a potential intimate partner.”

6. She will invite you into her apartment

This isn’t an express invitation that she wants to sleep with you, but it’s along that way. Just one turn down the road. It may mean, she trusts you enough to be with you alone but if she initiates the s*xual moves, then that’s the definite approval you need. Brown-James says a woman will say ‘I would like to have s*x with you’ — or something sexier like ‘I want you now’

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