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>’s How You Can Help Your Spouse To Stay Sexually Faithful



Let me start . saying that there are diverse reasons why people break their marital vows . engaging in extra marital affairs, but this reason I am discussing today, I believe, is one of the major ones that must be checked. However, before considering this reason for infidelity, let me make it clear that there is no justifiable reason for infidelity in marriage. This is because infidelity is cruelty against one’s spouse, as well as a betrayal of the trust of one’s partner.  This may be the reason many betrayed partners lose their mind and end up in psychiatric centers, at the discovery of such acts of infidelity. So, all married people, must do all to avoid infidelity. Rather than engaging in infidelity, I believe each couple should work towards finding lasting solutions to issues that can lead to infidelity and if need be, see a marriage Counselor who can help them resolve such issues.

As mentioned earlier, couples cheat for several reasons but my focus today is on neglect. This, I consider a major reason why adultery is rampant today. Many good and faithful partners have found themselves committing adultery as a result of the neglect they suffer from their spouse. Some people neglect their spouse for reasons best known to them. They have s*x only when they choose to. When you neglect your spouse, you make it easy for him/her to fall prey to infidelity, and truly, women are guilty of this.

Many women deny their husbands s*x because they see it as the only weapon they have to get him to do whatever they desire. They make up several excuses for not being able to have s*x with their husband ranging from headache, not being in the mood, being too tired, etc. Some women in this twenty-first century even believe that s*x is only for procreation. So, they should have it only when they want to have children.

The moment they are no longer interested in having children, they close up. A woman once said in my presence that s*x makes people old quickly, and because she does not want to get old quickly, she has reduced s*x with her husband to once in a while. Well, as much as I would have loved to believe this, I find it difficult to because s*x is a physical activity that allows you to exercise your body. So, if anything, it should help you to keep fit. Neglecting your spouse for whatever reason exposes him/her to the danger of infidelity. And for this reason, many have fallen victim of infidelity. Somebody once said that s*x between a couple should be as free as air. When your spouse is satisfied sexually in your home, it becomes easy for him/her to say no to temptation outside your home.

The question is, why do we need to concern ourselves with the reason why married people cheat on their spouse? The answer is very simple: so that we can guard against those reasons in order to reduce, if not completely eradicate, the temptation for cheating. So, if I know the things that can make my spouse to cheat on me, the only reasonable thing I can do is to guard against them, in order to help him stay faithful to our marital vow. You may want to say, that for some people, cheating is inherent and no matter what you do for them, they will still cheat.  That is true, but you would have cleared your conscience. You will not be said to be responsible for another man’s wrong doing.

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