Sanwo-Olu no longer called your Excellency, now to be called Mr. Governor


Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the executive Governor of Lagos State, has officially dropped the title “Your Excellency”, now to be called “Mr. Governor”.

Sanwo-Olu had made this known statement on Wednesday, he said that only God, the Almighty, the Creator, the Protector  is most excellent, no man can share his external qualities.

In his words “The office of the Governor has been celebrated as the paragon of excellence, a temple of perfection and a throne of purity. This demi-god mystique spreads over the entire machinery of the executive arm of the government, symbolising an authoritarian disposition on the governed. It has deformed the orientation of elected and appointed persons who are paid from the taxes of the people to see themselves as oppressors who can do no wrong and must be served, rather than serve the people.

“Whatever might have been the reason for this myth, let us be honest, the office is occupied by a mortal who has been called upon to serve the electorate with humility – and sincerity. The office of Governor is a public trust that calls for sacrifice, modesty and willingness to add value to the lives of the people”.

Speaking further, Sanwo-Olu said he had come to conclusion that “for us to change the narrative of governance, we have to strike down this seeming symbol of executive arr.nce that commands popular obeisance and undermines the democratic role of citizens as the masters of those they have elected and appointed to serve.

“It is a conviction that I believe will send the right signals to all politicians and civil servants that service to the people has brought us here. It is the duty we are obliged to do. It is the responsibility that we bear wherever we find ourselves; whenever we are called to serve.

“Only God, the Almighty, the Creator, the Protector is the Most Excellent. No man can share His eternal qualities. Thenceforth, I wish to be addressed simply as Mr. Governor, a title that will constantly remind me that I have been chosen out of so many fellow compatriots to lead a collective salvage of our political economy.

“A salutation that sanitises the paraphernalia of office and reminds us all of our imperfections and mortality. To give official effect to this announcement, I shall issue tomorrow an executive order that will formally ensure full compliance with this new policy”.

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Written by Princess J

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