Satan Wants You To Think There’s A Perfect Marriage

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Reno Omokri has stated that Satan wants people to think there’s a perfect marriage out there so they can lose interest in the one they find themselves in.

Sharing on Twitter, the former presidential aide described the idea of a perfect husband and perfect wife as lies.

He also advised that people should remain in their marriage and make it work.

He tweeted: “satan wants you to think there‘s a perfect marriage, with a perfect husband, and perfect wife. Lies. No such thing exists. Shame the devil. Stay in your imperfect marriage, with your imperfect spouse and create perfect moments of happiness together”.

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He added that adultery is the only basis for calling for divorce from a marriage.

“An imperfect marriage is better than no marriage. Only separate when your personal liberty or life is at stake, and only divorce where there has been adultery. Other than that, manage your imperfect marriage because perfection exists only in heaven”, he wrote.


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