The Nigerian police have started series of investigations on the Save Mayowa campaign that was reportedly said to be a scam.

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A few days back, Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu went to visit one of her fans, Ahmed Mayowa, in the hospital and decided to solicit to Nigerians for funds to treat the young lady of a terminal health condition, Ovarian cancer.

Mayowa’s family through Toyin called for help from Nigerians and they got impressive financial responses. However, popular blogger, Linda Ikeji watered everything down with the report that it was all a scam to extort money from kind Nigerians.

Mayowa and Toyin

Nonetheless, the Nigerian police is now interested in the case and have started investigating the matter. They visited the Lagos Teaching University Hospital (LUTH) where Mayowa was receiving treatment.

According to LUTH doctors, Mayowa was in stage four of the disease and was unlikely to survive the ailment, however, her family went ahead to raise funds to seek foreign medical treatment for their daughter.
Meanwhile, there is also insincerity in the side of Mayowa’s family as to how much was raised during the campaign as her family says N32 million was raised while others said over N80 million has been raised.

A reliable . from LUTH revealed that Toyin Aimakhu, who spearheaded the fundraising, was at the hospital on Thursday 28th July in the company of police officers and Mayowa’s family members, but can not confirm if any of them was under arrest.

‘Please know that the allegations are not against LUTH,” he said. “The management is aware of the matter. The security agencies are investigating the matter. LUTH will issue an official statement at the right time,”

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One of the NGOs supporting Mayowa’s cause, Lifestake Foundation posted videos of Toyin Aimakhu at the police station, where she went to clarify things and she was seen crying and begging God to forgive her for misleading Nigerians.



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