Soap based makeup removers are so dated! It is now time for moisturizing skin cleanser cum makeup removers that use no trace of soap. They are mostly composed of petroleum jelly and paraffin that remove heavy, waterproof makeup effectively without removing moisture from your skin. This is quite an amazing innovation for everyone who lives in dry, cold climates that are not very friendly towards soapy cleansers.

What’s so great about multi-purpose moisturizer and cleansers?

We know the old cardinal rule for good skin: cleansing, moisturizing and toning. But then toning went out of fashion when people realized the alcohol in the toners is causing their skin to become dehydrated. With the advent of these multi-purpose moisturizer and cleanser people realized that the entire pre-bed routine can be completed in one step without really missing out any benefits.

Why are these moisturizers cum cleansers better than your regular cleansers?

The new-age moisturizers cum cleansers are mostly petroleum based. This makes them ideal for sensitive skin. Many understanding manufacturers abstain from using any kind of fragrances in these products. This makes it ideal for all ages and skin types. Even dermatologists recommend many of these petroleum-based cleansing and moisturizing products. You can check out the Albolene cream review for an idea about how these products work.

What is the word in the market about these multi-purpose moisturizer and cleansers?

Most of the reviews about these multi-purpose moisturizer and cleansers are great. But there are quite a few negative reviews as well that we have been hearing about petroleum jelly based products for the last hundred years or so.

The pros of using these products –
  • These products are very easy on the pockets
  • Most of these multi-purpose moisturizer and cleansers are approved by dermatologists
  • They contain only natural ingredients like petroleum, paraffin, beta-carotene, mineral oils and ceresin.
  • They do not have any fragrance and that’s ideal for people with sensitive skin.
  • The heavy petroleum jelly is ideal for removing the waterproof, smudge-proof makeup most companies are advocating these days.

The cons of using multi-purpose moisturizer and cleansers –

  • The biggest problem is getting it off your face the next day. Some people even complain that these products are difficult to wash off with soap.
  • In very few cases, if you cannot remove the cream properly from the skin it can clog your pores can cause your skin to break out.

Most people we know love the gentle petroleum-based multi-purpose moisturizer and cleansers due to their low-fuss, easy to follow directions. They are a huge shortcut in the daily skincare routine that does not compromise the health of your skin. Besides the usual advantages, this one has no age specifications or age limits. Anyone from 18 to 80 years old can use this cream with satisfaction.

Rene Smith is an author and blogger who has her own take on beauty. She is one of the few experts who has revolutionized the way people perceive products and cosmetics. Check out her Albolene cream review so you get an exclusive view of what this multi-purpose moisturizer and cleanser can be used for.