Say The Truth, Don’t Chicken Out

Nigerian singer and song writer, D’banj has challenged lawyer and activist, Segalink to come out clean regarding the rape allegations levelled against him by Ms Seyitan Babatayo.


D'banjTaking to his Twitter page, the singer wrote that Segalink is aware of those using Seyitan as a means to a financial end. He asked him to be up to the challenge and list out these set of persons.

He wrote “The Same liars that Sold this story to look Good to their International NGOs to look like they are working . You know the truth and their Names @segalink, Call them out . Dont chicken out . Say the truth . And you @guardiannews @guardian I thought you knew better.

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“Yes agreed but we should also call them out when they lie and go about things the wrong way , without facts Misleading the public all becos of International NgO funding and to look like they working . Say the truth @segalink.”

Photo Credit: Twitter