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SCHICK Magazine Taps Sabrina Elba for the Cover of its 5th Anniversary Issue



For its Spring 2022 Issue which marks the publication’s 5th anniversary, SCHICK Magazine is pulling the big gun. The Magazine has tapped Sabrina Elba, a Somalian-American model, activist, and philanthropist, and of course, the wife to English actor Idris Elba, to grace its latest cover. 

The quarterly magazine, designed for smart, stylish, and successful Africans, casts a spotlight on Sabrina’s life, work & roots, discussing in-depth the power of identity, her devotion to humanitarian causes, as well as the journey to becoming a serial entrepreneur, amongst several other topics.

For the accompanying interview, Elba described her style as evolving, adding that she doesn’t want to be predicted for sticking to one particular dress code. “My style is forever evolving – and I love that. I love to explore who I am and I don’t ever want to be known for dressing one way,” she said.

As per the model, “I have the best memories learning about my culture & language. [My siblings and I] found ourselves defending our heritage at school because it wasn’t as ‘cool’ as it is now and you almost didn’t want to tell people you were African, but my mum was like no, be proud!”

For the rest of her interview, you’ll have to wait a week more to snag a copy of the magazine which will be available for purchase from April 30th on IamSCHICK.com/Buy and in prints at select newsstands globally from May 12th.


Editor-in-Chief: Simi Esiri
Creative Direction: Titi Adesanya
Photography: Sylwia Szyplik
Styling: Titi Adesanya
Makeup: Charlotte Tilbury
Hair: Pashcan’el Mitchell


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