Finally Some news everyone can be happy about.s*x is great. It’s great to be a part of; it’s great to watch; it’s great for you. Another reason to add to the list? According to a new study, the more often you and your partner have s*x, the happier your relationship will be.

The study, which was conducted . scientists at York University, the University of Lausanne and the Université de Fribourg, found that the more a couple had s*x, the more physically and verbally affectionate their relationship became. And, further, when a person received more affection from their partner, they began to see the world more positively. The researchers went so far as to equate the difference in success between relationships with a lot of s*x and relationships with a little s*x to be around $50,000.

They defined affection as “a feeling of fondness and physical expression” and concluded that individuals were more likely to become more affectionate towards their partners and have more optimistic outlooks on life immediately after and for the next six months after s*x.

“In an intimate relationship, affection is the glue that holds everything together,” stated the study’s author and s*x therapist, Dr. Roger Libby. “It’s healthy and essential to be affectionate.”
Jacqueline Mendez, another s*x therapist, explained that “couples that are more intimate have less arguments… They have more unconditional love.”

This is all a result of how close and intimate the act of having s*x is.
“Not having s*x can really affect a person,” Mendez added. “Men often say it disturbs their work day, knowing they will come home and be rejected. For women, it can damage their self-esteem. When this issue of s*x is solved, it eliminates this hurt from rejection.”

.: Mademen