“Guess what! I just received a call informing me that you have gained admission to study Tourism and Leisure Management at the Yaba College of Technology,” those were the words of my dad, who was overwhelmed with joy on hearing the news about my admission.

I didn’t know how to react to the news, whether to burst into tears, leap for joy, or just sit down and ruminate over the message again.

It was my sixth year at home, having finished my Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE) in 2002 and all my family members had turned spiritualists overnight because we all thought I was long overdue for it.

For an average Nigerian student, one of the most difficult things to get after the O’level is admission into a higher institution of learning.

This is occasioned by several reasons peculiar to the individuals seeking admission.

Well, I finally decided on what to do after hearing the news. I ran outside to meet my younger brothers, and told them: “your brother is going to the prestigious YABATECH. Tell it to everybody.”

“No more staying in this house with you, I am now a big boy, I am finally leaving this house for good,” I added in a rather ecstatic manner.

For me, it was the beginning of another phase of my existence, this was even more because of the many fantasies I already had about tertiary institutions.

The lectures, the new friends, hostel life (although I already had a background with that), the cultists (fear gripped me) and of course, the beautiful ladies.

I was all smiles throughout that evening, and could not concentrate on anything else. I even occasionally misbehaved, I was just too excited.

Before nightfall, I had called my closest friend (at least I did not have a girlfriend then), to tell him that I was going to a tertiary institution after all.

We met, spoke and said our emotional goodbyes, after making so many promises.

I slept off that day, dreaming of ladies crushing on me, topping my class, and being the most sought after guy on campus.

The next day refused to come early but when it did, I was the first to get into the bathroom to clean up, humming popular melodies repeatedly.

Spotting a v-neck turquoise blue polo on a pair of newly-bought jeans trousers and a pair of suede sneakers, I was set to take the Akoka, Yaba campus of the institution by storm.

My mum had also woken up to deliver her personal sermon that morning.

“Remember the son of whom you are. All the bible verses and everything that you learn here everyday, remember when to apply them,” she had said in Yoruba as I made to leave the house.

My mum was almost shedding tears while she was talking, but she managed to put herself together as we had the general devotion prior to my exit.

Immediately I left the house, my mind was already set on the challenges ahead. I boarded the first bus from my area, and in no time, I was staring the gate of the institution face-to-face.

I made straight for the admin building before heading to my department, where I met all the se.xy, beautiful and gorgeously dressed babes.

“Chai! See kaka (meaning buttocks)” I had exclaimed silently in my heart.

I was carried away staring at the ladies that I almost forgot to conclude my admission ‘rites’.

It was when I was staring at a lady’s bo obs that I got the shock of my life.

To be continued tomorrow…

I’ll surely follow up with this story.. We’ll sure have something to learn from this


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