// In the Activity that will launch the native ad, // implement the AdListener interface and add the following: import com.facebook.ads.*; private NativeAd nativeAd; private void showNativeAd(){ nativeAd = new NativeAd(this, "473076559477025_1561996123918391"); nativeAd.setAdListener(new AdListener() { @Override public void onError(Ad ad, AdError error) { ... } @Override public void onAdLoaded(Ad ad) { ... } @Override public void onAdClicked(Ad ad) { ... } }); nativeAd.loadAd(); } // The next step is to extract the ad metadata and use its properties // to build your customized native UI. Modify the onAdLoaded function // above to retrieve the ad properties. For example: @Override public void onAdLoaded(Ad ad) { if (ad != nativeAd) { return; } String titleForAd = nativeAd.getAdTitle(); Image coverImage = nativeAd.getAdCoverImage(); Image iconForAd = nativeAd.getAdIcon(); String socialContextForAd = nativeAd.getAdSocialContext(); String titleForAdButton = nativeAd.getAdCallToAction(); String textForAdBody = nativeAd.getAdBody(); Rating appRatingForAd = nativeAd.getAdStarRating(); // Add code here to create a custom view that uses the ad properties // For example: LinearLayout nativeAdContainer = new LinearLayout(this); TextView titleLabel = new TextView(this); titleLabel.setText(titleForAd); nativeAdContainer.addView(titleLabel); ... // Add the ad to your layout LinearLayout mainContainer = (LinearLayout)findViewById(R.id.MainContainer); mainContainer.addView(nativeAdContainer); // Register the native ad view with the native ad instance nativeAd.registerViewForInteraction(nativeAdContainer); }

These contradictory and unrealistic expectations is what make relationships between men and women complicated. Just ask men what qualities or things they expect from women, and then see if any of these will not pop up in their minds like it’s simply easy or even possible for women to actualize them.

But guess what guys? Such a girl doesn’t exist, you either have it straight or………?

Like Pop Sugar states it, the following contradiction might sound very Familiar:

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Ten Unrealistic Things Men Look For In Women:

1. Being Low Maintenance While Looking High Maintenance

This is so so complicated guys. It takes time and money to look good. At least from analyses conducted to find out men’s thought on how women should look, it shows that most men love ‘clean-classy-dress to kill’ kind of women. Well, If you want us to rush getting ready, expect rushed results. But if you want us looking classy, then, show some financial support.

2. Not being a “salad girl” while having a banging body

Those fast-food commercials of models scarfing down cheeseburgers have created this fantasy that 900 calories pair well with a bikini. Ever been told, “I’m glad you didn’t order a salad”? Well, we can’t be ‘figure 8’ and eat like you all the time.

3. Being wife material while being your FWB (friend with benefits)

Some women have managed to embrace the best of both worlds, but a lot of guys tend to mentally categorize between “the girl you have fun with” and “the girl you bring home.” And all while seeking someone who can be both. Now how does that work?

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4. Looking natural while still looking super sexy

The ‘I-woke-up-like-this’ look doesn’t translate as flawlessly for everyone. Au naturel can require some work too.

5. Being distant while still showing interest

So let me get this — you don’t want her texting you too much, but then complain that she doesn’t text you enough. OK, got it.

6. Caring while not being too involved

We’re expected to show some interest in your well-being, but God forbid we show a hint more. Because that’s just clingy, right?

7. Being a guy’s girl while not having any other guy friends

You, kind sir, will not be the only male figure in our lives as much as you’d like to be. It’s unrealistic, and not to mention unfair (double standard, much?).

8. Keeping you on your toes while not being “complicated”

No one likes getting bored — we get it. But we can’t be sympathetic to “I just don’t get her” when those curveballs are making you call and text back.

9. Being independent while confirming your masculinity

“A woman who’s independent” is what you’re looking for? that’s great only if you understand she’s just that – ‘Independent’. So don’t hold her responsible for keeping your manly egos in check. She can’t be expected to need you and at the same time, be completely self-sufficient.

10. Being committed but not wedding crazy

A long-term relationship is acceptable, but the second future plans are mentioned, that’s when you run for the hills. Getting serious is OK as long as it doesn’t involve getting too serious. That is definitely not a realistic thing to ask from a woman.


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