See 4 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Not Growing
A lot of us complain that our hair is not growing, this must mean that it takes a very long time to see “new growth” if you have relaxed hair or increase in length if you have natural hair. Anyway we all know what growth is and that it is as a result of what happens inside our bodies mainly. Now I’m not talking about hair breakage but hair growing from your roots
  • Genetics: Everyone has a different hair growth cycle. The rate at which our hair grows is different. Although there’s nothing we can do about that, we can still retain length of our hair with proper care
  • Over Processing: This could really affect your scalp. Using too many chemicals on your hair can alter the pattern of growth especially if it affects your scalp.
  • Diet: Just like the rest of the body, hair needs nutrients to grow. Proteins, Bcomplex vitamins, biotin, zinc and other nutrients help to promote hair growth
  • Pregnancy/Health issues: A lot of things change during pregnancy, some people have all their hair fall off while others have crazy hair growth. Health problems and scalp diseases can also hinder hair growth
Other tips: You can try to stimulate growth by massaging scalp frequently and eating well


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