See A Shrink To Help You With Your Blind Bitterness

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Popular comedian and outspoken political critic Bovi has slammed a follower on Twitter who has accused him of never using his platform and reach as a popular comedian to tackle the Nigerian government or call them to their wrongs and treat the people better.


It all started when Bovi posted a goofy tweet on his handle that read

I feel like I’m a failure because my government is funnier than me! #EndSARS #ENDBADGOVERNANCE #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera

The lady saw his Tweet and in her response accused him of never using the various opportunities he has had to speak truth to the Nigerian government but rather saw them as an opportunity to cash out.

”Funny u said? U are actually a massive failure because government on different occasions gave u big platform to talk , all u did was to entertain them & cash out”

Bovi spotted her comment and wasted no time to reply to her

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”Check my records. Watch my videos. I may be too sleek for you so find a learned family member to explain my materials to you. Then see a shrink to deal with your blind bitterness because when you can’t poison others anymore, you might slit your throat.”

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