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Hollywood’s favorite millenial diva and uber-talented actress Keke Palmer is undeniably on a glamrous high. Alongside a fresh and bubbly persona too charming to ignore, the 26 year old’s personal style is fabulously subtle. With a unique and classy take on modern fashion trends, Keke’s fashion game remains oh so chic!

Ever since her 2006 breakthrough role as Akeelah in the all time favourite Akeelah and the Bee, and as the lead character in Nickeolodeon’s True Jackson VP, Keke Palmer’s career is one that has flourished immensely. The starlet recently starred in the American crime drama film Hustlers, opposite powerhouses like Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B. Since the movie’s release last month, Keke’s oufit choices for the press tour kept us in anticipatory mode.

Take a peek…




Effortlessly shining through her exciting career endeavors this year, Keke became a temporary co-host on ABC’s Strahan and Sara. But on the 26th of August, it was announced that she had become a permanent addition to the team, making it the Strahan, Sara and Keke show. We couldn’t help but be excited about the idea of seeing her style takes on our screens even more often.

With a fun, classy and contemporary taste in fashion, it is safe to say that the “millennial diva” as she calls herself is a style icon in the making.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite fashion moments from Keke Palmer so far…





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Photo credit: Instagram | Keke Palmer Hustlers

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