One of our favorite lifestyle/beauty vlogger Shirley B Eniang shared her skincare tips and how she gets her minimal makeup done. We all know how important it is for us to take very good care of our skin, aside the fact that it adds to our beauty, it also tells so much about a person. Every woman wants a clear and picture-perfect skin, healthy skin helps you feel beautiful as well and which your lifestyle is a primary predictor to having it.


Shirley B Eniang took us through her daily routine and how she gets a clear and flawless skin, she also goes further to show us how she does her minimal makeup routine, in her words you only wear heavy makeup only for occasions. She spoke about how you can get good products which includes face brush, cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizer. Makeup can be very interesting that you will not end up using as much makeup as usual when you have a good skin and that is the reason she does her skincare routines before applying her makeup. To get tips on how to get a flawless and perfect skin and if you do not know the products to use for your skin or how to get your everyday makeup done, not to worry as Shirley B Eniang has just showed us with this video. . watch


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