Every generation has a particular substance that is popularly believed to enhance s exual pleasure. But you do not need to try it all to know whether it would affect your s ex life for good or otherwise. Here are the most common substances and how they could affect your s ex life.

1. Alcohol: This substance is great at releasing your inhibitions. You find it easier to say what you like and you feel more confident to try new things. Alcohol can have effects on your brain and nervous system. It’s been known to cause ere-ctile dysfunction for men, and less sensation and a dry va gina for women. Alcohol can make for difficult o rgasms for both men and women.

2. Cocaine and amphetamines: Cocaine and other amphetamines actually have some aphrodisiac qualities. The majority of people popping, snorting, or injecting will experience some sexual intensification and these drugs also improve stamina. They can make you feel happy, full of energy, and focused. These drugs do have a side effect of delaying org asms.

3. Marijuana: This is actually great for enhancing sexual pleasure. Although marijuana has been known to cause ere-ctile dysfunction and decreased fertility, it does increase sensation which can add to the pleasure of $ex. While it can make you paranoid, it can also make you relaxed and happy, and all about pleasing your partner.

4. Ecstasy or Molly: This could cause feelings of euphoria and empathy and can also cause rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, sweating, and can prevent the body from regulating temperature. This could also cause ere-ctile dysfunction. While users may experience emotional closeness, they don’t necessarily feel aroused and want penetrative s ex.

5. Heroin: Heroin and other opiates don’t go so well with hot and heavy s ex, as they usually take away your s ex drive and make it nearly impossible to achieve orgasm. More often than not, they just lay you out in a stupor. No one brags about their use in regards to intercourse.

It is definitely better for your health and sex life if you just stick to sober s ex.