SEE Photos Of Mavrodi, The Man Who DUPED Nigerians With His MMM Ponzi Scheme

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Although he is dead, many Nigerians who were victims of his scheme still have fresh memories of what he did to them.

His name is Mavrodi and he is the founder of the fraudulent venture, the Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox (MMM) ponzi scheme.

This scheme was very vibrant in Nigerian in the late 2015 and how he got the trust of Nigerians was through his 30% per month returns.

It would be fair to say his venture really influenced Nigeria’s economy as about two million people signed up for the scheme.

Although the central bank gave several warnings, Nigerians had little of that as they were so much concerned about the money they will be making than the advice.

These warning by the central bank made this EFCC begin an investigation into the scheme and it came out that it was a ponzi scheme.

In December 2016, Nigerians were left shocked as the company suspended its operations in Nigeria. To calm the nerves of customers, the company gave a reason that a heavy workload on the system during the Christmas period was the reason for their decision adding that it was taking a short break and promised to return with better services.

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Until this day, it didn’t return and to make matters worst, he was confirmed dead on March 25. He reportedly died of a heart attack at the age of 63 in a Moscow hospital.

Many Nigerians who never received a dime from the scheme are of the view that he died as result of what he did to them.

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