A study published in the Archives of s*xual Behavior found that not only do men like to cuddle, but they believe it’s an important ingredient to a happy, satisfying relationship.

Lead Kinsey Institute researcher, Julia Heiman, and her team questioned over 1,000 couples from the United States, Brazil, Germany, Japan and Spain, between the ages of 40 and 70, who had either been married or were living together for at least a year, with the average relationship span being 25 years.

Most interesting, the men reported cuddling, caressing, kissing and tenderness to be more important to their relationship happiness than women did. They were also happier in their relationships if they were in good health and could bring their partner to climax.

Women, on the other hand, based their relationship happiness on the s*xual relationships they had with their partner; the study found women were more satisfied with their s*x life the longer they were together with their partner.

However, both men and women “were more satisfied with their s*xual relationship if they had s*x more frequently, had higher s*xual functioning and kissed and cuddled frequently.”

but hey, s*x is worth waiting for.



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