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See What 5 Men Revealed They Felt After Cheating On Their Partners



So, have you ever listened to the negative effects of cheating straight from a guy’s mouth? Dont worry, INFORMATION NIGERIA has gathered it all from the horse’s mouth, according to a report from sommeecards. We bet after reading this that you wouldn’t want to wink to the girl-next-door if you have a girlfriend or wife.

1. He felt like a dirtbag

2. Cheating is selfish cheating15-2rktu3

3. Feeling of guilt cheating10-4u9b3m

4. This is deep cheating7-mo7h0c

This article would not be complete without adding a female version…

5. From a lady’s heart cheating11-uwyvz1

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Adulting 101

Business lessons from Joanna Kinuthia



Joanna Kinuthia is one of the most loved digital content creators in Kenya, and more so after branching into entrepreneurship with Joanna K Cosmetics. Tackling beauty and lifestyle, the young entrepreneur is definitely  a force to reckon with after transforming her love for make up into a thriving business. Here are some business lessons from the 24-year-old CEO.

Take the risk

Joanna is the epitome of what a risk-taker is for quitting her 8-5 job to fully focus on her YouTube channel and her passion for makeup. With her content traversing regions and her personality impacting many, she has amassed 105,000 subscribers. Her decision to not take the employment route may come as a shock, considering unemployment rates in Kenya, but this leap of faith is what’s paying her bills now. This is enough motivation to leave your comfort zone.


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Patience pays

It took Joanna a whole eight months before she could make a cent from her YouTube channel . For many, this already sounds so discouraging. With the rise in the number of people able to access the internet  she has been able to get more viewership . YouTube is growing steadily in Kenya and brands are starting to see the value of influencers. Undoubtedly, it also took a lot of patience for Joanna K Cosmetics to take off considering the hustle of setting up a business and the challenges that face business-people in the country.

Consistency is key

Creating content is nowhere near easy; now imagine creating it consistently. Joanna Kinuthia has been able to make this work in her favor by continuously uploading creative content on make up, skin care, fashion and lifestyle as well as promote her brand, Joanna K Cosmetics. Through her consistency you can clearly attest to her hard work which goes hand in hand with running  a business.

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. image


Stay true to yourself

This digital creator is unapologetically herself and is true to her subscribers. She has continually shared her love for make up despite her acne journey which had some people trolling her about it. She also doesn’t fake an accent or her lifestyle which endears people to her brand, staying true to the mantra: remember your why.

If you are a beauty fanatic and would also love great business advice, Joanna Kinuthia has some great tips here.

. Business lessons from Joanna Kinuthia . Vibe Yetu.

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Relationship Tips

Highly Sensitive People, Relationships & Attachement Trauma



#highlysensitivepeople #Relationships #attachmenttrauma

Highly sensitive people often experience an Attachment Trauma. This can greatly affect your relationships. When we understand what this is we can begin the healing process. This is the first of many videos I will do on this very important topic.

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Work With Me


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