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‘She made that up’, Linda Ikeji debunks Carolyna’s claims


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Blogger Linda Ikeji has responded to claims made by Nollywood actress, Carolyna Danjuma, about her marriage and how she (Linda) was involved.

Recall that Carolyna, in a series ongoing on Showmax, had disclosed that Linda was one of the many reasons her marriage met its ruins. She stated that Linda had written malicious things about her, her daughter and her marriage.

Carolyna said she had called Linda on several occasions to correct the things she wrote about her but it was all to no avail.

However, in a new and lengthy post made by Linda’s blog. The blogger had denied ever writing anything concerning Carolyna marriage leading to the divorce.

The statement claimed that Carolyna often laid her divorce on other people’s hands, blaming them and not her and her husband.

She said the story was made up. It reads, “Just to set the record straight because people like to believe these things, especially when a celebrity makes the claim.

“In its 16 years of blogging, Linda Ikeji Blog never wrote that Caroline Danjuma’s daughter is not for her husband. Not only didn’t Linda Ikeji Blog write this, no other blog in Nigeria or beyond wrote this.

“This story was completely made up by Caroline. Other than calling her daughter ‘adorable’, we never wrote anything else about her.

“Yes, we did write about Caroline’s age controversy when she came out some years ago to claim she was 27. Many people did not believe her and that was the angle of our story. It wasn’t written with malice.

“Two things that we want to make clear. Everyone who knows Caroline knows she blames everyone else for the demise of her marriage. It’s never her fault or the fault of her ex.

“It was only recently, in a post on Instagram in 2022, that Caroline finally blamed herself for the end of her marriage.

“Second, Caroline has told everyone that cares to listen that she adores and respects Linda and does not understand why Linda doesn’t like her. Linda has absolutely nothing against Caroline. She just doesn’t know her.”

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