There has been recent speculations trending on social media that China exports canned human flesh to Africa which is sold in supermarkets as corned beef.

A Zambian tabloid, the Daily Post, picked up a story from a . post that purportedly showed human remains being butchered, marinated and canned, marked as “corned beef”.  The Newspaper suggested the reason for the gruesome exports was that China had “run out of space to bury its dead”.

Chinese state media accused Zambian tabloids of spreading the rumours. The speculations stem from Chinese meat factory workers who say the practice started when China began to run out of burial grounds. The real non-human meat made in Chinese factories are allegedly exported to more powerful nations.

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Chinese Ambassador to Zambia, Yang Youming has however, officially denied the recent . post, alleging that meat from dead bodies are marinated, canned and shipped to Zambia.

Ambassador Youming described the allegation as completely malicious, slandering and a vilification, which is absolutely unacceptable to the Chinese. He expressed China’s utmost anger and the strongest condemnation over such an act.

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China argues that the canned human story was more than just a dumb hoax, and was started by “people with ulterior motives who were attempting to destroy the long-standing partnership between Zambia and China.”

Youming also demanded an investigation into the canned human flesh rumors, which prompted an apology from Zambian Deputy Defense Minister Christopher Mulenga.

Snopes, a website that debunks internet hoaxes, has explained that the images Aboagye posted were a 2012 . gimmick for the video game Resident Evil 6. Capcom, the creator of the video game, set up at the Smithfield Market in London an art installation that seems like human meat was being used, but it is actually pork shaped to resemble human corpse.

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Below is the . Post by a resident of Accra, Ghana, Barbara Akosua Aboagye, posted on May 3;

canned human flesh

The photos remain in Aboagye’s page, but . hid it and placed instead the following warning: “This photo was hidden because it shows mature content, such as graphic violence.” By clicking an icon, the pictures could still be viewed. Since the Ghanaian woman posted the photos, it had become viral and shared more than 26,000 times.


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