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SHOCKING: Doctor Found Months-old Used Condom Inside A Sick Girl’s Va gina



Hello Admin, i read ur blog and i am a student of Tamale university Ghana, Something terrible happened yesterday and i dont know how it happened.. I dont know what to do and thats why i am writing you this morning. For the past few months, I have been having inconsistent menstrual flows and serious stomache ache. I went for test in 2 different hospitals for ulcer test and hepatitis but they all came back negative. to make matters worse, a greenish slightly smelly discharge keep coming out of my private part….

So i decided to come home few weeks back so that my parents will give me proper medical attention so i dont die of pain someday. I was skeptical about informing them earlier for fear of maybe the issue was an STD but after series of tests, I found out I was STD free so i decidedd to inform my mum and she told daddy and they insisted that i come home asap.

We went to UNTH Enugu on monday and they suggested that we do Ultra sonic scan and Xray. the doctor spotted a mass inside my uterus and announced that i may have an unusual rare type of tumor or fibroid. He suggested that we evacuate my system and see if the mass will come out but if it dosnt then we will opt for surgery so My daddy paid yesterday and the evacuation procedure was fixed for 3pm yesterday.

I was sedated and when i woke up. my mum was sitting by my side and the look on her face showed that all was not well. I was about to ask her why she looked so sad but she ignored me and just asked me to lay back and rest first that we will talk later. I was confused. My mind ran riots. I managed to ask my younger brother what happened when my mum went to urinate and he told me that the doctor removed a used condom with some decomposed bloody content and live maggots from my body. I nearly passed out.

Admin, How it happened I dont know. Thats my predicament now. My father has not come around since yesterday and my mum keeps giving me looks that could kill. I have cast my mind back and cant remember how a condom ended up inside my body without my knowledge. I have always insisted on condoms before se.x but i didnt know how one ended up inside my body or for how long it has been there. I have always made my mum and my younger sister believe i am a vir.gin now God has decided to punish me by disgracing me like this.

I know my father and the fact that he hasnt showed up means that he is bitter and will kill me when i am discharged. I am thinking of running away from here when I am stronger.


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