Bungoma County is quickly gaining the notoriety levels of such places like Nyeri and Naivasha for weird acts by some of its residents.

This time it was the location of a man hailing from Nasianda village who married off his daughter to the owner of a chang’aa den for a supply of two bottles of chang’aa until when the amount accumulates to the value of the agreed dowry price.

It is a case which attracted condemnation with the Area leaders led by MP Boniface Otsiula and women representative Reginald Wanyonyi calling for the immediate address of the man while calling for the girl to get back to school. Child marriages make for sad but not really new cases in some rural communities.

However, when one marries of his daughter not for anything other than just to satisfy his addiction it passes into the realm of ridiculousness and such callousness while pointing to the abject desperation, poverty and stupidity substance abuse drives people.

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