A married woman who allegedly used her menstrual blood to cook for her husband received series of serious backlash after her story broke on the social media.

Unabated by the reactions she got, the unidentified woman whose location was also unknown, came out clean to explain why she indulges in the obviously irritating act.

According to her story which she shared on Monday, October 26, 2015 the woman disclosed that her major aim of cooking for her unsuspecting husband with her menstrual blood was to prevent him from cheating on her.

The woman also urged people to desist from judging her because it is not poisonous even though she admitted it is wrong.

She further revealed their her aunt does the same thing and has been living with her husband for 12 years even though they are yet to have children.

The woman boasted that her husband ‘worships the ground she walks on’.

Below is a screenshot of her story:

Woman who cooks for her husband with her menstrual blood tells her story.


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