Box braid is one hairstyle that always weathers the storm, the reason behind the appreciation of the box braid hairstyle is because of its versatility and the fact that it is one of the protective hairstyles that helps to keep your hair in check. The box braid offers low and cost less maintenance which is one of the reason why this hairstyle is appreciated.


But the hairstyle for the week wouldn’t be the lengthy box braid rather the short box braid hairstyle. We have slowly matched into the season where lengthy hairstyles can prove to be a burden, rather than be bothered by a lengthy hairstyle its better to opt for the short and stress-less version.

The short box braid hairstyle has just one disadvantage which is the fact that you can’t style it as much as the normal lengthy braids but you can style it nonetheless. Here are some pictures of the short box braid hairstyle that would make you swoon.

The grey attachment for braids just makes this short box braid hairstyle super attractive.


The bead embellishment on this braid hairstyle makes it swoon worthy. The beads makes it creative and personal giving it a chic finish.


Black is a classic every time, adding beads is to give it detail.

This form of short box braid hairstyle is really unique and the color makes it pop.


Instead of leaving it a classic black add grey as a touch to give the hairstyle a new life.


This hairstyle is intricate and exquisite without being too time consuming.

Would you ever try this type of braid hairstyle? Yes or No… Lets hear you, just leave . in the comment box below.



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