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Dr Olufunmilayo has challenged Honourable Desmond Elliot to provide a proof of his stance on the social media bill in the Lagos State House of Assemble today.
Recall that the UK-based medical officer took to the streets of Twitter to accuse the actor cum politician of sponsoring a bill to regulate social media. Desmond Elliot, however, denied the claims, saying he only talked about celebrities putting their followers in check.
Replying him, Dr Olufunmilayo tweeted, “Dear Desmond Elliot Thanks for your quick correction. In the spirit of honesty and transparency, can you please release to the world what you said about celebs and influencers, can you also let the whole world see the video of what you said about social media regulation?:, he wrote.
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In another tweet, he noted further, “I have reliable information Desmond Elliot blamed celebs/influencers for the carnage and went ahead to advocate social media regulation bill The link to the video is lagoshouseofassembly.gov.ng/live/. It has been tampered with. Can they pls release the video?“, he tweeted.
Dr Olufunmilayo challenges Desmond Elliot

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