There is communication disconnect
People value different things at different stages of their lives. If you’re ready to settle down and have a family, and you’re dating a young lady that still wants to be free and party… no explanation needed. She’s too young for you.

She cannot do what you can do
Yes she just turned 18 and she is legible to date. You are 30 and this lady for sure still needs some three years to mature up. You can not be in the same level whether what.
There’s a very real possibility that this young chick of yours is still living at home with her parents. This means that she’ll still have some sort of curfew. Hmmm, how about you tuck the young girl in and go find yourself an older woman

Everything she does looks silly to you
If you can find fault in everything she does, it’s not a good sign. You feel as if she handles situations in childish manners. She’s too young for you.

Always refer to the pop culture 
If you were old enough to drink at the time a movie she’s never even heard of came out—especially if it’s one that defines your generation—she’s probably too young for you.


You have done it all
If every story she shares with you, you have a similar one that took place ten years prior, she’s too young for you. All of the things that used to excite you are old news. You’ve been there and done that so many times it’s not even an issue anymore. On the other side, she’s just starting to get her feet wet. For all of you guys going through severe mid life crisis’ a young chick may be for you. For those of you that can’t find joy in the life your young girlfriend is leading in the here and now, you need to admit that she’s too young for you.

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